Solutions that are tailored to your needs

By operating on your wavelength, Hue I.T. supports each business’s needs by offering customized solutions. Here at Hue I.T., we know all businesses' needs are not created equal, so how can anyone expect to adopt an out-of-the-box solution?

Avoid down time with Systems Management

This type of outsourced IT allows your managed service provider (MSP) to monitor your servers, applications and network. They’ll interpret the data and real-time metrics in order to proactively identify and solve issues before they cause downtime and impact your business.

Need a Virtual CIO?

Small and medium companies don’t typically have the capacity to hire a dedicated Chief Information Officer. A Virtual CIO is a service some MSPs offer that provides analysis, strategy, and a step-by-step plan for the company’s technology. Let Hue I.T. be your CIO.

Say goodbye to your servers, forever.

Gone are the days when businesses had to house their servers onsite, taking up valuable real estate for some or simply cluttering an office for others. Hue I.T. can remove your outdated servers and implement cloud-hosted network/server environments. This not only allows you to save space, it allows your employees to access their data— anytime/anywhere.

Hue I.T. will help your business:
Facilitate real-time collaboration

Exchange data within your business and provide instant access on any device, anywhere in the world — in a secure, expedited, and compliant way.

Reduce costs through workflow automation and optimization

This affords you more time with your clients and limits the bureaucracy, all while ensuring that you do not let any relevant data get lost or forgotten.

Give your clients the focus and care they deserve

Make decisions based on real-time scientific results and instant access to important data, increasing visibility and improving the client’s overall experience.

Setup a cloud-hosted network environment

This will allow you to connect through site-to-site vpn connections, eliminating the need for local servers.